Stiff Pattern

Srijana Chaudhary

I have been changed and
changing so dreadfully, I hear
She is stubborn and doing
indecent kind, they whisper
Never expected she would be,
and god damn not supposed she is being
The super talk about me I see
my own society hosting

Several faces they stand with, appreciation, admiration
of huge pack
But Offensive I hear
immediately on my back
Example I am these days for
their daughter Warning to step back and
worth not to desire as I dare

Knowledge, Excellency, the internet
entertainment they discuss
But never ashamed and stop
their women to harass
Calculating, differentiating so nicely, and genius
so far they have become,
So is the reason women still
are tight-lipped in custom.

Centuries passed the structure of my society
still tends to move on
Not in a progressive transformation but with
the sense of their own decision
We are being following since
our forefathers, they claim
Who are you to break the traditions?
If you ask for change they blame

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