Burger with me (Blog)

Srijana Chaudhary.

Again I saw the same boy smiling at me rushing towards my table to take an order. And Again I crease his head giving smile and asking how he is doing, He came close staring, smiling. I understood his question as usual and said, “Two Berger ok”. I saw his puzzled face and a glance at me. Oh! He reminds me I was alone and this time I should have to order only one burger. Now, sitting on a table alone made me so aloof, so unpleasant, and something incomplete surrounded only with coldness all around. I felt so uncomfortable and wanted to leave as soon as I can. I noticed there that little boy staring at me, he was mutely standing over there I gestured him to leave. I began to think of those days with Rehaan, Rehaan and I usually used to come in this restaurant he loves to eat burger here which was not my favourite. I hardly used to try from his plate. I don’t know how and when I started loving the burger with Rehaan. Rehan used to tease me at first, it’s delicious why don’t you like, and my answer was, ‘ no ever I do love to eat this rubbish burger’. He told me that day, “you will be eating this rubbish burger when you will miss me”. Now, see his bloody dialogue comes to be true and I really hate him.

The days which I spent with Rehaan clearly started appearing in front of my eyes. We grew together and studied together in school. We were friends though we were not good with each other. I used to hate him and I didn’t like his family too. Even I hate the stuffs belong to him. After finishing school Rehaan went to another city for further study. I had early learned to use facebook and I was so crazy about it. I had made lots of facebook friends and facebook was my very good friend as well. One day, as usual, I saw a notification on a friend request, there were three but it surprised me, I saw a friend request of Rehaan. I never cared but next time I found his message he had written, ‘why don’t you accept my request. He knows I hate him and I was also sure we can’t be a friend.

Our family knows each other very well and is a very good neighbor. But Rehaan and I were an enemy we had our own judgment regarding each other. I never want to speak with him even when we became big enough. We had our own ego and attitude. so we had to listen a lot from our parents. Sometimes our parents used to make fun of us that, “ we will arrange your marriage with each other and you will see how will you ignore and hate each other” .And as usual I used to see him through animosity but I was sure nothing will be happening like this.

I completed my bachelor and my parents were discussing to send me to a city for further education and I was so excited . My family managed to stay with Rehaan and his cousin Asiya, Asiya was my good friend so I agreed to stay with that Ass. We were staying in the same room sharing same kitchen almost all the things but there were no conversations between me and Rehaan. Rehaan sometimes wanted to talk with me but I every time use to ignore. We use to talk through Aasiya, making Aasiya our audience but not exactly a real audience. And we started talk actually not a talk it was a fight. One day his ironical language for me made me so angry that I threw a nail cutter over him and he got his head break. Blood started running it was deep wound he was just staring me putting his hand over wound and Aasiya started shouting on me and cleaning blood. I felt very guilty there I was standing still, over there mutely bursting in tears almost all on my face. This incident made me so embarrassing that I didn’t dare to speak even with Aasiya . and it was more difficult for me to stand in front of Rehaan. Asiya was not talking with me neither Rehaan gave me a glances. And I was blaming myself . that night we didn’t eat meal neither asiya talked with me. Aasiya slept one side very far from me in the same bed and I was on another side. Asiya was sleeping but there was no sign in me. I was just thinking about rehaan and that I gave him a wound. I was restless and helpless but wanted to talk with Rehaan. I never noticed I had started to care so much about him, I wanted to check him how he was feeling. I was just thinking about him.

Next day asiya had to go for a field study for a week., that’s why she talk to me before going and warning me to take care of Rehaan and to behave with him. I saw Rehaan sleeping when I arrived in a room from my college, I thought Rehaan returned so early from his college but later I saw his bike inside. I knew he hadn’t been to college. I rushed down to kitchen there was nothing prepared and it was too late it’s been 11. I waited Rehaan to come in the kitchen but he didn’t so I went to his room. He was sleeping, sleeping like a baby I thought never to disturb. Mess around there in his room made to stop and fix it. Suddenly I got scared when I saw Rehaan staring me. I get scared when I suddenly saw him looking at me. He started laughing seeing my reaction but I was still speechless and dumb. He asked me then, if meal is ready that he was feeling so hungry. I said ,”I will prepare and said him to wait awhile. I run to the kitchen to cook. Again Rehaan presence in the kitchen suddenly scared me. Now, I saw Rehaan so loving, not over ego in him but he keeps his smile as if a smile was never supposed to leave his face. He asked if the meal is ready I gave a glance and smiled to him saying, ‘almost ready.’ Now he began so strange, started sounding so caring, love in his every movement, care in his every glance. Strange me too I never felt bad in it.i was just blushing. He spoke so politely, “ why you did this to me? You have a bp high as do your father have?” his question didn’t irritate me now . He came close to me and asked, “ why do you hate me so much simran? You are no more child now we are not from the different team now. Ok, how will you stay with me when we will get married?” . hummmn? I said and again he began, “ you monkey don’t you understand I like you”, I was speechless just stillness now starting on his face he again began, “yes simran I want to be with you, I love you. Now, please stop acting smart because I know who you are, I know you hate me but I will love you and our love will be enough for us .” it was not surprising and weird to me because I also began to feel for him. I don’t know why I began to cry suddenly but I was sure it was not because of Rehaan but of my mistakes I have done to him. I felt bad but at the same time. I found myself in Rehaan arms, he was consoling me and I felt so good there, so safe. Finally, we confessed our love to each other. We finished our dinner so soon that day; Aasiya was in her field research for one week, so Rehaan came to sleep in our room. Rehaan made me type his some assignments so I was doing and Rehaan was sitting beside me pronouncing the words I had to type.

I had never thought of the days with Rehaan would be so special nor thought of Rehaan could be loving. I had never expected the days with Rehaan in my life. Rehaan came into my life I felt completed, his so much love care also an interference in my way became my habit which I love to keep through my whole life.

Aasiya returned from her field got a surprised seeing the change in us. Though we pretended to be as we were the love between us was so much transparent that Asiya knew very soon. She was happy. Our parents become so happy with the news that they wanted do our engagement soon after all it was their wish too which came to be true.

Aasiya get married now rearing her baby boy happy in her in-laws house. But I am alone with Rehaan memories, missing him eating burger. Soon after our engagement he went to India for his job and me here waiting to complete my study. I am alone now, sad somehow but so happay because insallah I will be with my husband so soon. Thanking, my Allah for the beautiful life he has gifted me, with my love. The boy came with the burger, the same time my mobile rang, oh it is my husband to be. I picked the call, yes this is my Rehaan calling from India .I heard the boy asking me Rehaan dae ho didi, I smiled and nodded my head.
My beautiful love story, the curiosity of the boy made me live the same days which I want to keep alive.

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